Hybrid Paramedic Course Candidate Application Fee

Paramedic Course Candidate Application Fee

Payment of course application fee does not guarantee entrance or acceptance into paramedic program. This application fee will not be applied to any tuition or course fees. Applicants must submit completed application within one week of payment. Round one of interviews and acceptance into the Hybrid program will be in April of 2018. Candidates submitting applications after March may not be eligible for course. 

Course Overview

This course will be 1 day per week on Thursdays and include 2 days of distance education through online teaching.  Although this course mimics our full week course, it is more accelerated and requires more dedication and prior knowledge to be eligible for this particular style of class.  Applicants must have at least 2 years in an EMS system with preference to those with ALS and transport experience.  Registration will be limited and interviews and testing will be held in April.





Course Hrs. 0.0
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