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Opioid Education for Healthcare Providers-Completely Online Course

This American Heart Association Course is intended for EMT/Paramedics, Nurses, Physician, and Pharmacists

Learn what an opioid overdose looks like and how healthcare providers can combat this epidemic.  This online course is an introduction to providing immediate care to an opioid overdose.  Learn how naloxone works and identify when it should be administered in a pre-hospital and in-hospital setting. 


This course is completely done online and at your own pace.   The date below does not mean anything, it just provides us a way to send your online key so that you can complete the education.  The online key will be emailed separately from your confirmation email and sent during business hours on Monday-Friday.  


Opioid Healthcare Provider Key 22.00

Course Offerings

Offering Begins Sessions Region - Location Price
12/31/2020 5:00:00 PM
Online Course