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Training Center Faculty (TCF) - Initial

As Training Center Faculty (TCF) you have the ability to train and mentor new American Heart Association Instructors.  The Providence AHA Training Center reserves the right to accept or deny TCF based on need and performance as an instructor.  Being a Training Center Faculty is an application process.  You must turn in an application at least 1 week prior to the course you register for.  You will be notified at least 5 days prior to class if your application is not accepted. 

The minimum requirements are:

  • Be an active AHA instructor in good standing and aligned with the INHS Training Center.
  • Be an instructor for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Complete the Training Center Faculty Candidate Application and email it to healthtraining.WA@providence.org at least 1 week prior to class
  • Have a current Instructor Card on file at INHS for any discipline you are wanting to be Training Center Faculty 

Download the application packet that is in your confirmation email and send your completed application to: 

Email: healthtraining.WA@providence.org
Fax : (509) 319-2352

You must keep your AHA Instructor card current as well.  Your Training Center Faculty status is in addition to your instructor card.

Course Hrs. 3.0
Training Center Faculty Application TCF Application.pdf
TCF Roles and Responsibility Roles & Responsibili...pdf

Course Offerings

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1/7/2022 9:00:00 AM
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